Freight Zone

Buckinghamshire's Freight Strategy Zone is Live

The Bucks County Council have ratified the Freight Strategy Zone. The signs at the entrance to the zone have been installed and further signs advertising the restrictions on roads leading to the zone will be installed shortly. Once all the signs are in place, ANPR cameras will be installed at various major access roads.

As residents, we can report HGVs that we see in our area to the Bucks Freight Strategy team via the link at the bottom of this page.

You will need to provide your name, contact details and the:

  • date and time it occurred
  • location of the incident
  • direction of travel
  • registration, make and model of vehicle (if known)

After you make a report

Bucks Council will review and investigate your information. If needed, they will contact the haulage company for further information.

They will then contact you to notify you about their actions.

The best part about this is the feedback response providing a virtuous circle of action and response.