Slapton Neighbourhood Development Plan

The strong demand nationally for new homes makes it inevitable that villages and towns in the country will have to expand. The growth targets now reaching communities in the south east look for a 25% increase in the number of houses over the next 20 years.


Neighbourhood planning, which was introduced by the government in 2011, allows communities to decide where they want this housing to be built and what best suits their needs in accordance with the local district council and the National Planning Policy Framework. Simply put, without a community agreed Neighbourhood Plan new homes will be built where developers see opportunities, rather than on sites that the whole community agrees that are most appropriate.


Neighbourhood plans can only be adopted after extensive consultation with people living and working in the Parish. The plan must also be reviewed by the Parish and District Councils and there will be a referendum of all those living in the Parish to decide whether to adopt the plan that emerges from this process.


There are four specific areas where a Neighbourhood Plan for Slapton will give us greater control over how the village develops:


  1. We can influence where we want homes to be built

  2. The design principles that should apply to those new buildings

  3. We can protect areas of land that are important to the community and to the local environment

  4. We can state our desires for the sort of facilities we would like introduced alongside any new development.

The following pages detail the progress made to date in preparing the Slapton Parish Plan. Please browse through the archives to see the extent of work undertaken by this volunteer group of Parishioners.