PCSO Update

Update for

April 2019

PCSO Jackie Dodson 

Police Community Support Officer


Aylesbury Vale Local Police Area– Rural

Great Brickhill, Wing, Ivinghoe NHPT

Wing Police Office, 73 Leighton Rd, Wing, Leighton Buzzard

Bedfordshire LU7 0NN


Tel: 101 


NHPT Priorities

NHPT priorities are:


  • Prevent and reduce rural crime

  • Prevent and Reduce Theft from motor vehicles



Overall Crime on the LPA

The overall crime figures for Aylesbury Vale LPA between 1st February 2019 to current date:-


In the same rolling period in comparison to the previous year, overall reported crime has increased by 5%.


There has been two main reasons for the increase in crime, which has been an increase of 12 % in violent crime and increase of 35% in drug offences.

However, the increase in drug offences could be due to the good results of the TASKING TEAM, who specifically target the drug dealer in Aylesbury Town Centre ie the more drugs they find from stop searches and warrants the higher the drug offences go up.


There has been a slight increase in commercial burglaries up by 6%. However, there has been a decrease in residential burglaries, which is down 5% compared to the same period last year.


Theft from motor vehicles for the whole LPA has gone down 23%.



Overall Crime and Operations for the LAF area

The overall crime figures for the area this Local Area Forum covers between 1st February 2019 to current date:-


In the same rolling period in comparison to the previous year, overall reported crime has risen by 7%. This reflects only 12 extra crimes reported.


The biggest increase in crime for this period compared to the same 3 months last year is violent crime. There has been 17 more of these compared to last year. It is unknown what the cause of this is, as no direct correlation detected. This will include domestic violence of course.


There has been 2 more reported business burglaries when compared to the same period last year, and only 1 more residential burglary. There has been 10 of each crime in the last 3 months (this will include shed and garage breaks).


Surprisingly, the biggest decrease in crime has been theft from motor vehicles. When including the offence of vehicle interference (ie any attempt to get in a vehicle, even if nothing stolen) there has been a 20% decrease compared to the same period last year.


What does this mean for you?


In general the figures do not reflect any worrying increase in crime for this period. Burglaries have actually been quite low in the rural areas, with the Urban areas suffering the most in this type of crime. 


There has been a big drive around targeting the drug lines coming into Aylesbury and stopping any Child Exploitation around this. There has not been any identified links to the drug county lines to our neighbourhood as yet. We are aware that low level drug dealing, mainly cannabis use has been fairly common in some villages by youths. This is why we have run a plain clothes operation in Pitstone and Cheddington last month to catch and deter offenders. We have made referrals on the back of these to social services to make sure that no the youths are not being exploited.


Whilst we are pleased to report a massive improvement in the Theft from motor vehicle offences, which was mainly tool thefts from vans, we are still focusing much time on this issue. Without keeping up the patrols of crime hotspots and possible suspects, we are aware this area would be hit hard again. We hope that a lot of the work we have done around this (mentioned below) has made the neighbourhood a less attractive area to commit this type of crime. This is reflected in the figures. We speak regularly with Herts and Beds Police, who still have a big issue with these crimes. Therefore, we will be running several operations in the next two months to target these offenders with both forces. We suspect that they have been involved in residential burglaries too.


I cannot find any reason why violent crime has increased. Obviously, as the neighbourhood gets more developed and the population increases, things like domestic assault reports will naturally increase. There is nothing to suggest an issue of random attacks of violence.


What have we done in response to these crimes?


Continued to patrol the borders, where we know cross border offenders travel. We still monitor the crime figures and reports every shift to prioritise our patrol times,


Regular conversations and meetings with Beds Police and Herts Police to swap intelligence.


Drug/ASB operation ran specifically targeting Pitstone area – Mix of plain clothes and high visibility Police patrols. Resulted in 12 stop searches. 2 persons issued with cannabis warnings. Several items of drug paraphernalia seized (grinders, baggies etc). Three of the youths from this operation were linked to ongoing ASB I the area. They have now had a joint visit from TVP, AVDC and VAHT. This resulted in them receiving Acceptable Behaviour Contracts prohibiting them being a nuisance to the locality. It was explained to their parents how this could affect their tenancy if their behaviour was not addressed.

We will be running a similar operation soon, hopefully with Herts Police as we have identified youths from their area travelling to ours to take part in drug offences.





March 2019 – 4 day operation with one day working with Herts Police to target rural criminals.


During this week 4 arrests were made, including of prolific criminals. 2 were arrested for failing to appear at court for thefts and theft from motor vehicles offences. They were subsequently imprisoned.

The other 2 arrests resulted in 1 x Fixed Penalty Notice and 1 released under investigation for TFMV (awaiting results from his phone download to see if enough evidence to prosecute).

There were also 4 vehicle seizures for driving offences and one cannabis warning issued.

Lots of intelligence collected and shared between two forces.

51 visits to conducted to farms between our neighbourhood, Winslow and Buckingham district offer crime prevention advice.


We noticed that the TFMV had started increase around Buckingham and Winslow areas, which historically means that our Neighbourhood could be hit next. Therefore, we worked our day off (Easter Friday) to try and locate a male we had identified from CCTV. Our Sgt located and arrested the suspect. He has been bailed with conditions, which include prohibiting him from entering the whole of the Aylesbury Vale.



ASB for Local Area


We have received quite a few complaints around children in Wing causing ASB in the village. Specifically, in Jubilee Green and now near the Tennis courts. 

In response to this we have conducted home visits to two of the key offenders. This was with the ASB officer for AVDC and the ASB Case manager for VAHT. Both youths were issued with Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC), prohibiting them from causing a nuisance to the local residents. Any breaches could affect their tenancies, which was clearly explained to their parents.



Pitstone – We have carried out the operation as explained above. 3 of the main offenders for ASB were visited along with AVDC and VAHT to issue them with ABC’s too.


In response to reports of ASB in Stewkley – One youth has received a Youth Restorative Disposal for Public Order offences. Police are working with VAHT around issues with this family.





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